Pata Negra wins SRBI

Pata Negra wins SRBI Race

Picture of Pata Negra Sailing Yacht lombard 46 boat charter winners rorc winning RORC SRBI round britain and ireland race

22 August 2018


Pata Negra, Lombard 46, has won not only IRC but the overall prize in the 2018 Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race. The gruelling 1,805 race took the crew 9 days 8 hours 35 minutes and 16 seconds.



"To win this race overall is amazing, my greatest racing achievement to date without a doubt. It is a phenomenally interesting race, the conditions change all the time and it is a lot tougher than a transatlantic. It is full-on the whole way round and that increases the level of satisfaction when you do well. I hope that this edition of the race will encourage more people to do it. It is a real challenge and a local race for British boats, a fantastic test of yachting ability," commented Redpath.



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